Sauna World

Just be with yourself...
...because tranquillity gives you power.

Experience the elements. In harmony with your body. To be in balance. Float on a wave of soft sounds and calming essences.
Discover our new and modern wellness area designed in an Asian style. 
From the Japanese stone bath with its healing gem stones, the aroma steam bath with a starry sky, traditional Finnish old timber sauna with coloured light therapy, tropical rain shower, massage shower, and sun beds on route to the relaxation room with illusion painting and relax loungers, this retreat leaves nothing to be desired and brings you holistic relaxation.

Aromatherapy Steam Bath:

The temperature of the steam bath is between 40˚ C - 55˚ C with a humidity of around 80% to 100%. Aromatic scents such as lavender, mint-melissa, rose petals etc. add to your wellbeing!

Finnish Old Timber Sauna:

With a room temperature of about 90˚ C, the air in a Finnish sauna is hot and dry. Special attention was made to only use native linden wood in the construction of this sauna!

Japanese Mineral Stone Bath:

In the stone bath the temperature is between 40˚ C and 45˚ C. The pleasant warmth and medium humidity is ideal for everyone. Gemstones such as amethyst, green aventurine, mountain crystal and rose quartz are accentuated with light effects which also adds to your well-being.