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Indulge in a relaxing face or body treatment and let your spirits free! You will feel reborn and have power and energy for your everyday life.

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Classic massages
  • Full-body massage (60 minutes) € 83.00
  • Full-body massage (90 minutes) € 115.00
Far East methods of treatment

Focusing on holistic treatments which harmonise body, mind and soul.


The foot reflects our body. Via the feet's reflex zones you can activate or calm organs, the lymphatic and the nervous system as well as release blockages and congestions. Even headaches, sleeping problems, stress-related problems and digestive problems can be relieved via this massage. It activates the body's self-healing powers.

  • 40 minutes € 60.00
  • 60 minutes € 83.00
  • Reflexology plus back massage 40 minutes € 60.00
  • Reflexology plus full massage 60 minutes € 83.00


Tai Foot reflexology “Nuad Tao”

Feets are the mirror of your body. After a warming footbath starts follows the Massage. With special oils and nurturing creme your foots, calves and knee will be slackening and relax. The foot reflexology will be activated with special technology and a tai massage stick.

  • 60 pampering minutes       94,00 €


Jin Shin Jyutsu® (physio-philosophy that involves the application of the hands for gently balancing the flow of life energy in the body)

This age old oriental art of healing is like acupuncture without needles. Instead of pricking you, the practitioner has connection two points; one with the left hand (-)and the other with the right hand (+). The energy flows through the life energy meridians so that the vital energy can flow unhindered through your body. Jin Shin Jyutsu® brings balance in your body's energy system and thereby promotes health and well-being and strengthens every persons own profound self-healing power.

  • 60 minutes € 80.00


Reiki chakras treatment

By hang up the hands on the 7 chakras be solved energy blockades and the chakra will be in balance. With the balance the immune system and the self-healing (on physical, mental and psychologically level) is activated. With the compensation of the chakras the whole metabolism and also the detoxification process is activated. The oxygen consumption is higher and the circulation and function of the individual organs improved.

Reiki chakras treatment help with:

  • stress and nervousness (also school stress and test anxiety)
  • permanent load in family and profession
  • mental and emotional injuries
  • insomnia, aimlessness, exhaustion states, discontent, depression, eating disorder
  • mitigates shock states after accidents or traumatic experiences, grief coping … and much more

Note: All Treatments solely for the activation of the self-healing and replace not the treatment of an doctoror natural health professional.

  • 45 Verwöhnminuten       80,00 €


Intuitionally Treatment

This is an individual treatment with practice of different directions (Ayurveda, Cranio Sacral, Aroma, Reiki, Kinesiologie). So specifically to support an energy balance and to solve existing muscle tension. With this treatment your self-healing (on physical, mental and psychologically level) is activated

  • 60 Verwöhnminuten       94,00 €


Energy balance for your back

This balanced massage connects gentle flowing but yet powerful massage movements. Precious organic oils together with healing gem stones assist the treatment, so blockages can be gently eased off. It hasrelaxing, healing and energising effects on your body and soul.

  • 40 minutes € 60.00
Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian Massage

Lomi Lomi Nui is a holistic massage with warm all-natural oils which appeals to each person in their entirety. The massage aims at releasing tensed muscles. Physical tightness and negative thoughts are cleared away by the massage. A Lomi-massage is not only for relaxation but also fulfils its demand for purification of the body, soul and mind. The Huna-view of health and illness issimilar to the one of the traditional Chinese medicine. Energy (Mana) is flowing In a healthy body, illnesses cause blockages which manifest themselves as tensions in your body. The massage is supposed toreleasethis tensions at emotional and physical levels and re-establish the harmony of body, mind and soul. The flowing movements are very intensive. Lomi Lomi Nui is deep, relaxing, gentle and powerful all at the same time. A wonderful possibility to open all senses and experience the state of drifting away, relaxation and comfort. In the national language, Lomi means to rub, knead or press; the doubling intensifies this meaning. Nui means great, important or unique.

  • 55 minutes € 83.00
  • 90 minutes € 115.00
Charis Cara - The Way to Natural Beauty

The secret of Charis Cara is a combination of various treatment regimes (de-blocking of blood and lymphatic vessels, as well as activating the meridians). By way of a very specific method, skin and muscles are loosened and reactivated. You will experience deep relaxation which makes you look younger and radiant; it can become your personal way to natural beauty! With Charis Cara, the layers of muscle in your face and neck area are massaged with medium pressure. This leads to a stimulation of nerves, skin and connective tissue. Deep purification of skin and muscles, a better supply via the blood circulation, full energy via the meridians, reactivation of muscle function and a firmer face and neck area are the results. Charis Cara releases deep emotional tensions and therefore leads to more well-being and balance. Deep relaxation is achieved by effectiveness of the localised method of treatment. Charis Cara clears our thoughts and mind and therefore enables us to a different and stress-free approach to everything.

  • 75 minutes basic treatment € 105.00
  • 90 minutes € 120.00
"Ili ili Wela" hot stone massage

Hot stone massaging has been practised for thousands of years by Chinese, Indian and Hawaiian shamans. Fell how the pleasant warmth of a few million years old stones streams into your body. This special massage will bring extensive harmony from inside and outside. Ones entire being will be activated just as your body's own self-healing powers. This is achieved by laying the hot basalt stones on to certain centres of energy on your body. In combination with an intensive massage, body and soul reach an optimum stage of relaxation. The sensation of the warmth and the gentle touch of the massage with precious oils are the secret to supreme well-being.

  • 60 minutes € 87.00
Aromatherapy massage

Wonderfully fragrant organic oils are combined with a relaxing gentle massage. Choose the scent for your massage, since scents are - like music - a matter of taste. This gentle massage makes you feel goodand relaxes body and soul and comforts your senses.

  • 60 minutes € 83.00
Indian Ear Candling

This Heath therapy (which is developed by the Hopi Indians) cleans the outer ear canal. The eardrum is relieved, the inner ear have a better air toroughly and the circulation of the whole ear nose and throat is promoted. Also can migraine and sleepless positively influenced, ear noises reduced, earache alleviated and the secret river will stimulated. More principle: Biosun Ear candles have a purely physical. With a negative pressure and the vibration waves in the air and in the ear candle we have a effect of an gently massage of the ear drum. You have an intense feeling of pleasant heat and pressure equalizing in the area of ear, forehead and sinuses.

Field of use:

  • vitalization of the ear canal
  • irritations from sinuses, front hollow
  • ear whiz and ear noises
  • pressure equalizing in case of a headache and migraine
  • follow colds
  • local activation from circulation, metabolism and lymph
  • energetic stimulation of the energy flow circulation
  • ear hygiene
  • relaxing calming in case of nervousness, sleepless and stress
  • meditation
  • ritual ceremony
  • 25 Verwöhnminuten       54,00 €